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luna miranda

the top photo is amazing, Sidney! wow, even cement from a cemetery is also an ingredient in their potions!:D i remember there were grave robbers in Negros years ago where they steal the corpses' knee caps, said to protect them from bullets.


where to fine the finished product? or showroom....

donG hO

wow! it's really interesting to be with these people. you learn a lot.


They look ordinary, no? Don't they wear any costume? :)


Excellent series. It's so great to see how you've captured this traditional event.


Fascinating as always. So many diverse traditions there.


Nice set of images. I really like the group shot of all the men together.


For all those who believe in it, it must be comforting to have all these 'products' I think.

haggis basher

"Cement from graves!"

You mean the mess of rotted coffin, coffin liner, clothes and inevitably rotted human remains! I've seen enough open graves in the Philippines and I always feel dirty after being in the cemetery.

Very interesting series!


One often say: Pics says more than a thousand words. This post really does Sidney. One can see and almost smell the power.
Wishing you a great end to your week :-)


Wow, they really put in some work on that.

Photo Cache

So, the mixture would then be used for healing? How cool!

Smoldering is what your first pic is about. Very beautiful.


Boy, I can't wait how this turns out. Looks pretty cool Sidney!


how many of these "healers" are doing this ..... hundreds? - thousands?

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